Nothing is plain sailing

On April 1st (I know- good day for it) my school transferred from one academy to another. This morning, I have received my first pay packet and it is over £100 less than what it should be.

I am so annoyed by this because now I am going to have to spend my day trying to sort it out and probably won’t get the money until next pay day – if I get it back at all! I am sure they will come up with some reason as to why I am short.




Sherlock opened his eyes yesterday and I got to see him again today. He is gorgeous!

All I can think about…

…is my dog. 44 more get ups until I can pick him up but he is all I can think of. I have not been like this since being pregnant with my children.

I do worry that something might go wrong because it is too good to be true!

Easter holidays – day sixteen

Today, I have achieved my life long ambition and bought a dog! He’s not ready to come home yet (he’s only one week and six days old), but he is so adorable!

He is a staffie, springer cross and I got to see both parents. All the dogs seemed to e well cared for and are around a lot of noise and other animals. We get to pick him up on May 25th. I am so excited!!

Easter holidays – day fifteen

How have I done on my holiday ‘to do’ list?


  1. Flip the mattress in my bedroom
  2. Tidy under the bed in my bedroom
  3. Re-organise the draws in my bedroom
  4. Organise my wardrobe
  5. Generally tidy my bedroom
  6. Generally tidy the children’s bedroom
  7. Generally tidy the bathroom
  8. Re-organise the kitchen cupboards
  9. Generally tidy the downstairs hall, kitchen and bathroom
  10. Tidy the living room, re-organising and decluttering


  1. Re-group the children into their new places for after the holidays
  2. Sort the GPS revision for after the holidays
  3. Plan reading lessons for the next 5 weeks
  4. Plan literacy lessons for the next few weeks
  5. Assess the children’s writing against the teacher assessment framework

For me

  1. Transcribe some more of my grandfathers diary
  2. Blog daily
  3. Bullet journal
  4. Start planning Christmas
  5. Organise craft supplies
  6. Write more of my fan fiction

I am unsurprised that my ‘me’ column is less than completed, none the less, I am pleased with what I have accomplished in terms of my school and house because that will then make the next few weeks easier.

I plan on having a bit of a pamper tonight. A long soak in the bath, some face masks etc whilst I think about Christmas and then tomorrow, after popping out to see a litter of puppies (ekk!) I might have a go at organising my supplies and sorting my bullet journal.

Easter holiday – day fourteen

Dad had his surgery today. Luckily, he was first on the list so didn’t have much waiting around to do and was back up on the ward at 10.30.

Mum did well whilst he as being done and after, dad seems to be recovering really well. He was quite with it when chatting away and seem to be managing his pain well.

I left to come back home so I am now relaxing. Its been a stressful time!

Easter holiday – day thirteen

Today was a day of keeping ourselves busy ahead of my dads surgery.

We went to a few shops, such as Ikea and Costco where I got treated to some lovely pieces of stationary for myself and some treats for the kiddo’s (even the biggest one – the hubster!)

In the evening my mum and I went to a local take away and had an Indian before returning home and doing a little jigsaw building. It has been nice to spend some time together.

Easter holidays – day eleven

We have had a lovely day today. The three children went to mother-in-laws and hubby and I used a meal voucher that I had been given for my birthday. We went o Bella Italia and it was delicious. It was a bargain too, with the meal voucher costing much less than the total of the meal.

Today was also good because I received a £5 voucher for Hobby Craft – again a birthday gift from the Hobby Craft loyalty scheme. I got myself a watercolour paint pallet set and some brushes. I also picked up the gorilla glue to med my dog, although it looks a little complicated!

I have also come up with the plot to my latest fan-fiction. I can’t wait to get started!