Pay Day

Yay! I can finally get all the final bits that we need ready for back to school, which will be a relief. I have decided to e bay some items to help with the cash flow.

Pay day tomorrow

Whoop whoop! Pay day tomorrow.

That being said, I have pretty much everything taken anyhow.

I will have £585 to last the month, although I do not need to get too much petrol out of that.

Out goings are:

£90 groceries (which, aside from fresh foods like bread, fruit etc) will last the month.

£90 for the hotel

£50 for hair cuts for me and the children (I really need it, or else I would forego this. It probably won’t come to £50).

£35 for some items from Amazon

Which leaves £320.

I figure that, whilst away, we’ll need about £170 to each over the two/three days that we are away.

So I will then have about £150 left to last the rest of the month.


I’ve been so lazy

The past two days I have really struggled to get to sleep at a decent hour. Last night it was gone 1.30am, the night before gone 3.30am.

This is not unusual – this is something that generally happens to me when it is the holidays.

This means that I have not been getting up til late. Argh! I hate this. I want to do stuff!

Blog Challenge Day Eleven – What is your favourite quote?

For a long time, it would have been: ‘Life is what happens to you whilst you’re busy making other plans’ which is by John Lennon.

Now, I do think that Harry Potter has some great quotes too, such as Dumbledore’s:

‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light’

As well as Snape’s response to Dumbledore’s question about loving Lilly Potter:

After all this time?”




Blog Challenge Day Ten – one food and drink

If you could only live off one food and drink – what would it be?

Easy for the food – hot dogs, friend onions and chips! Yummy!

For the food – very difficult. I’d probably go for lager, seeing as I craved that when I was pregnant with my middle daughter (I never gave in!) and, even though I am not a big drinker, having a drink after a difficult day at school is sometimes a must!

School work started

I decided that it was about time that I got my arse in gear and get on with some school work

I had a bad night sleep the night before / this morning as I have fallen into my typical holiday sleeping pattern of not being able to sleep until silly o’clock. This morning it was 3.30am. That meant that I didn’t get out of bed until late but I managed to start going through e mails and sorting out some of the lists and timetables ready for September.

Hubby has done some more overtime today, which will be helpful for our trip away. I am still anxious about money, but I am getting the rest of the children’s school uniforms tomorrow, with the exception of J’s shoes, which means that I know they will be OK for September. I hate being short on money.