Tears on my pillow

I am a cryer. I don’t know whether I always have been, but I am certainly worse now then I have ever been. I can’t help but get emotional. I blame having children.

Simple things set me off – singing happy birthday to someone, watching cars pull over to allow a blue light through, certain TV adverts (and not necessarily the ones you think – the old man in the moon did nothing for me). One thing certain to make me blub are the chimes of Big Ben on the 31st December and this year was no different.

Whether it be the throwing off of the events in the last year, the eager anticipation of what is in store possibly overwhelming me; I cannot say.

I  am not sure I like the element of my personality. There are times when it is extremely frustrating and I struggle to remain professional because of it, but people say they like the fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve and it shows caring.

What do you think? How can I control the tears and move forward into the new year as a stronger person who is in control of their emotions?


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