Idle hands

The devil makes work for idle hands, so the saying says. My devil is definitely ‘naughty food’ – crisps, chocolate, sweets… I have decided I need to keep my hands busy and so I thought I would share some of those ways.

Firstly, I have been cross stitching. I get engrossed in the project that has to be kept clean – no chocolate paw prints! I have also been doing my nails. It takes such a long time and they cannot be spoilt by delving into a crisp packet. 

Last nights cross stitch..

   I am currently in the process of doing my nails.
Of course, now I am back at work after the Christmas holidays, marking and school work will become all consuming. It is, unfortunately, this stress that is part of the reason I eat the wrong stuff. I have always said I’d be a size 8 if I wasn’t a teacher!

What tips can you share to avoid dipping fingers in the biscuit barrel of ‘naughty food’?


One comment

  1. flameonix · January 6, 2016

    First off, you have some fine talent,girl! I remember when my grandma first showed me how to knit and all I could manage was to pretend like a Japanese Karate Master and try to catch a fly with the needles. ^^’

    And secondly, maybe you could try reading a novel or something? I mean, every time I start reading one, my mother has to snatch the book away from my hands and force me to eat, or even take a shower at times (guilty ^^’) because it can be so engrossing! ^^


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