In the heat of the moment

Sometimes you don’t say the right thing in the right way. The message you think you want to give isn’t the one that comes across. Yesterday’s blog post is a good example of that, it’s not brilliantly written! I see an edit in the future.

Today I got my 6th follower. In the grand scheme of things, 6 follows is not a huge amount compared to the followers on other blogs, but to me it is amazing! When I started writing this blog I wanted other people to read it. If I could get just one follower that would have been amazing! So for 6, I am truly grateful!

I will apologise if my blogs aren’t exciting, or frequent. I can promise they will be honest! 


One comment

  1. Jeyna Grace · January 25, 2016

    Congrats on the 6th and to many more to come!


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