Today is the first day of Lent. I am not overtly religious but was brought up on the periphery of religion (CofE primary, Girl guides and church parade etc). One of the things I remember my father doing, when I was young, was the whole Lent thing. Dad would give up a variety of things, including sweets. Whenever we had money for sweets (20p every Saturday – we could go to Mary’s) we would always offer our parents one and so, during lent, these sweets went into a bag that my dad got at the end of Lent. I would give up carrots and yogurt and generally anything I didn’t really like.

As an adult, I have participated in Lent. Again, not really for the religious reason but for a show of willpower, a conscious effort of being able to achieve something, to show I can do without. I have done a variety of things in the past, the most memorable being giving up things beginning with the letter c; the idea being that lots of ‘vices’ begin with the letter c (Chips, crisps, cake, coffee, coke… I got to include carrots again!)

Many people think that Lent should not just be about giving things up, it should also including doing more. For me, this lent is about giving up chocolate, crisps and sweets and it is about doing a few things more. Firstly, I want to move more. I have become incredibly lazy. For a while now, I have hidden my laziness as efficient. It is more efficient for Neil to fetch up the toilet roll if he is downstairs and I am up, it is also lazy of me not to go down and fetch it myself. Secondly, I want to make sure I am a lot more positive; I am going to start 40 days of being positive via FB, Twitter or here.


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