Manners cost nothing

Or so they say. I am actually surprised by the number of people for whom basic manners and respect of others is totally lacking. It does concern me that people are now becoming more self centred and don’t think of the big picture, namely how people feel when they  are spoken to in such a disreputable manner. I don’t believe that respect should be earnt. I believe people should have respect for each other at the beginning, rather than go into a situation assuming the person hasn’t got your respect yet.  That insinuates that you disrespect them until they have done something to earn you behaving towards them in a respectful manner. I believe that repsect can be lost. Imagine it to be like a video game characters health bar. When they do or behave in a negative way, it loses them health points.

Speaking to people politely, having respect for elders and those in a more important position for yourself, seems to becoming a lost art amongst the young (and yes, I realise this makes me sound old!). Which does make me wonder for the future. 


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