I think I was a little ambitious to have thought that I might be able to write nigh on a years worth of posts! I am going to fall short of my target I think!


A test too far

Today, my class took their first SAT test and I could’ve wept for them.

They are a great class and they have tried so hard. They have made enormous progress from when I became then teacher in Year 5. Now, nearly 2 years later, I am so proud of the class they have become. They could not’ve done more. So for them to have to face a test that scored a reading age of 15.5yrs (they are 10-11 year olds) about a subject matter that was boring, was completely unfair.

The majority of the children did not finish, but my god, did they try. The news is full of reports about how hard the paper was, how tricky it was to answer and how many children cried over the complexity – some children even vomiting. But not my guys. I have prepared them well for the test; that they go in there, try their bests and walk out with their heads held high and that is what they did today.