Twice in one day

Don’t get used to this, two blog posts in one day business. Not that there is anyone out there to get used to it as my previous blog entries have been readerless. Boring subject matter, a long absence – so I figure its deserving.

I am about to begin a project I have been looking forward to for some time, I am going to try to self publish a book. *Pause whilst you wipe up the coffee you have just spurted over your device <“She can’t even keep up with a bog, yet she’s going to self publish,”>* Yeah, I know. Maybe you weren’t actually saying that. Maybe that was my own inner demon saying that because I cannot help but self sabotage the stuff that I do, but this is going to be different. Positve pants on. Urgh, can’t believe I have just said that.

I want to publish my grandfathers diaries. Before you all gasp at the thought that I have even read his diaries, let alone thought to publish them – it’s OK. ‘Be Ye hereby notified that any member of the S clan can record any event or date in this diary, however big or small.’ Says the very first entry. If I can write in it, then reading is implied. It was actually encouraged both when he was alive and now, 16 years after his passing.  My grandfather was something special. Maybe not a trailblazer in your eyes, but in mine her certainly was. He thought Harry Potter was phenomenal well before it was, he was going to live into the new millennium, he was going to get onto the information highway and teach those surfers a thing or two. He was right about HP, he managed the new millennium by 16 days however the internet never enjoyed my grandfathers views. And enjoyed is the right word – I have in my possession 20+ books spanning from 1973-2000 charting the life of my grandfather and the things he found interesting. An amazing account of social history.



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