Day three

Am I writing the days in numbers or words? I’ve done two entries and I can’t remember! Ah well…

So, today we have gone to the beach. We live just over an hour away from a lovely little seaside town called Cleethorpes. The sea is a little sporadic here – when the tide goes out, it goes out for miles and often during the day – it’s been rare that we’ve been able to do any wave jumping and we normally resort to small puddle jumping. I say ‘we’ and of course I mean them. I used to be a complete water baby. When we went to the seaside, I went in the sea and I was happy but at some point it became a place of all things ikky and now I can’t bare the prospect of the wet sand, let alone actual ocean! 

The children enjoyed their time on the sand and J, considering her sensory issues, had a whale of a time and enjoyed playing with her sibs.  We enjoyed all the niceties that the seaside had to offer – chips on the beach, over priced ice cream, a stroll along the prom prom prom (no brass band) and a ride on the miniature locomotive (can no longer be a land train thanks to Grandpa Pig). Of course we had a go on the ‘slots’ and enjoyed a stick of rock. And the husband collected some Pokemon, in between whinging that the game wasn’t loading properly – think he missed the point of going. 

Day well and truly spent, for four of us at least!


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