Day Five

Yesterday went well and I stuck to my plan as much as I could. The slight change was that we went out for dinner with my Mother In Law and I FaceTimed with a friend in the USA. This meant that I did not begin transcribing my grandfather’s diaries. I have, however, begun that today.

The transcribing may be harder than at first I imagined. I have a large number of notebooks range from 1973 to 2000. Even if there was one notebook a year, that is 27 notebooks and I know that some years have several notebooks. I think the way forward is going to be to read them to myself as I record my voice. I know I can then send it via e mail, but even that will be difficult as voice recognition doesn’t cope well with my mongrel accent.

I haven’t really done anything else today. I stayed in bed until 10:30am! I could not believe I’d stayed asleep until then, but considering the inconsiderate dick hat was playing music at gone 11pm last night, so loud that it was like it was coming from my house and then the middle of the night toilet break (couldn’t get back to sleep for and hour!)

When the hubby comes back from the supermarket, I shall be doing some baking with M and I might do some school work.

I don’t feel super productive today. Maybe because I haven’t really done any exercise yet. I need to get active.


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