Day six

Last night I had a much better night sleep, waking only twice. The weather is getting ever so slightly cooler and so that helps.

Today, we have gone into town. I have bought all the back to school stuff that we will need, with the exception of buying new school cardy and jumpers and book bags. The children might need more school shoes but I may well see whether they really need them now or can wait. I suppose there is just that feeling that they must have new shoes, whether they need them or not.

I am feeling tired today, despite the good night sleep. I could easily have a nap right now. I am hoping to get a second wind because there is a lot of house work to do. The washing is nearly caught up on but this has caused a pile of ironing that stands no chance of going down at the moment – thanks pokemon go. Maybe if I put a Pikachu at the bottom of the pile, it might have some chance of going down. I need to do another general tidy up – when we go into town, no matter how little we buy, it always seems to create more of a mess. It is double discount time at hubbies work too so this means that we’ve been able to get the children’s school uniform – again, not that they needed much because we have reused the stuff from last year – we’d gotten some good deals from the BHS closing down sale so some pieces are like brand new. The garden needs tidying too. At the moment, I am reasoning with myself that the weather is too warm to do too much energetic and it probably isn’t worth cleaning up until the children are in bed. I might just settle myself for writing a bit more of my diaries.


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