Day Seven

I always find it harder to be more productive during the weekends, although invariably I end up being extremely busy.

When it is term time, my weekend is spend getting ready for the week ahead – there have been weekends where I have spent nigh on the whole weekend doing work; marking, assessing and planning. Just recently, it hasn’t been too bad. Things are slightly different in year 6 because there is that element of the children needing to be independent and so the marking feedback that you can give is limited. It has also helped having a year group partner who is willing to share the work load in terms of planning;  I usually plan the literacy for the week and my partner will plan the numeracy. Then of course there is all the house work that needs doing. Whilst hubby has periods of being efficient and keeping up on the housework, the majority of the time he does not and there is always a mountain of ironing that needs doing (I refuse and that’s the one things I won’t help him catch up on) , a kitchen that needs completely cleaning, bedrooms needing tidying and bathrooms that are filthy. Whilst he does work the weekends, he does have an easy time of it at home. All the children are in school, although J is only part time (that changes this September) and therefore you’d think keeping up on the housework would be easy. The problem is he spends more time on his laptop than he does doing work. Take the kitchen for example. He’ll put water in the sink and soak the dishes, then he’ll go and play on his laptop, then he’ll go wash a few, play on his laptop, wash a few more… and so on. It therefore then takes all morning to get that kitchen clean and even then it isn’t a half job. He doesn’t clean out the old food from the fridge, sweep under the appliance, clean the floor… It goes on. He doesn’t get the reasoning that if her just works at it for an hour, the house would be clean and then he can play to his hearts content, because I do not bregudge him thatif he pulled his weight.

Now it is the summer holiday, and I find it harder to make sure I am efficient. The house work is done (except the laundry, that is on going!) and I could do school work (as there is always something that could be done). I have plenty of craft activities to do and there is always the diary transcribing. I guess because all of those activities involve sitting down, I don’t feel productive. Maybe that is the secret – moving around more.

M does want to go into town later – she has an i-spy book that she wants to use and I think she has her eye on spending more of my money, which is rapidly running out fast!


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