Can you keep a secret?

Or rather, is it OK for me to?

I haven’t been overly honest with my husband about this blog. Lying by omission I suppose it is technically called.

When I first started this blog, I wanted anonymity because of my job. I wanted to be able to talk about my profession without fear of reprisals because of what I have said however, I have found that I haven’ t really spoken about my work and so what I have perhaps subconsciously sought is anonymity for myself.

I didn’t not intentionally set out to use the blog as a way of letting of steam about my personal life but then I don’t really know what it was I wanted to achieve.

Hubby saw me writing ont he blog last night and I am not sure I want him to read it, because I know I come across very negative about aspects of our life together. I am a glass half empty kind of a girl. I think I need to try to challenge myself to be more positive about my relationship.

We celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on 31st of this month. What things do you do to make sure your relationship remains positive?


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