Day Fourteen

Sorry about yesterday, I was just exhausted – not that I did much!

It ended up being a late night because Mother In Law decided that she wanted to celebrate her return from holiday by going out to dinner. We went to Frankie and Benny’s, which is a favourite place our ours to eat. Unfortunately, everyone else decided to go there too so, despite having books, we still has to wait 30 minutes for our table and because there were so many people, the meals took a long time – although they were worth the wait. It was so noisy there that J found it incredibly difficult to cope with, especially when they played the birthday music (which seemed a lot louder than normal) to the extent that she would cling to me each time it happened. This is all part of her autism and sensory processing. I am not sure why restaurants feel the need to play music so obnoxiously loud. Maybe I am just getting old. We arrived home at 8.30pm and then I had promised a ‘picnic’ with T and M….

… A few years back, when writing reports, I would lock myself away in the bedroom, with a small box of maltsters (or some other delectable delight!) and write, whilst ‘watching’ a TV programme in the background (diagnosis murder, new tricks…) T would stay with me from time to time to enjoy the chocs and this eventually evolved into night time events and the hubs will sleep downstairs. He really enjoyed these times and have become a little treat. We’d not done this for a while and so I’d promised we would. Of course, now M likes to join in too although after one night of the three of us sharing a bed I vowed never again!

Today, I actually managed to get some school work done. We also went to the local lake again as there was some pokemon go event happening that the hubs wanted to go to. I have to say, I don’t see the point in it myself. I am sure it is good that people are out and about and getting exercise, but how much of the world are they taking in with their noses in the screen?

I have kept up with the housework, caught up on the laundry and made a coffee cake. Fitbit says I’ve done 7470 steps and I’ve completed all my active minutes. I feel productive!


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