Day Twenty-Two

Today, J went to her first birthday party. This is a big deal as it shows she is being accepted by children in her class. It is heart warming to know that some people can see beyond her disability and can accept her for who she is. She has a whale of a time and was completely worn out by the whole experience.

M went to the opticians to have her squint looked at. She does have poorer vision in one eye and has been prescribed glasses. She seems OK about the whole thing, although she was disheartened at first. Pink glasses with glittery stars on the arms seem to have changed her mind. She looks so different in them. We also have a referral to the hospital because they need to see if there is anything else they can be doing to assist with her squint.

I still feel awful for not having noticed the squint, but equally I am adamant that it hasn’t been there long. Everyone that I speak to has said ‘really?! I’ve never noticed it,’ which is reassuring that we have dealt with it as soon as we were able.

She is a determined little girl, so I am sure she’ll manage them well.


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