Day Twenty-eight

I feel like the holidays are disappearing at an alarming rate. There are only 2 full weeks left before I go back to work and whilst I do have 3 days in the week that follow, those are usually spent in school putting up displays and so forth.

I also feel like my plan on being, or rather, feeling productive seems to have disappeared too. I’d had the aim of taking my picture every day of the holiday to see if there is a change in how I look when not at school and submerged in stress. I’ve stopped doing that. I was also going to try and implement a face care regime and that has fallen by the way side. I seem to be taking much longer to do school work whilst not accomplishing much and I have not completed any more of my grandfather’s diary.

I have previously written about how I am a person for creating lists and perhaps that is what I need to do now! A clear vision of what I want to accomplish over the next two weeks!

  1. organise the kitchen cupboards
  2. go for a walk every day
  3. go back to taking the pictures
  4. sort out my make up
  5. sort out my dressing table draws
  6. formulate a plan of what school work I want to achieve and when.
  7. finish 1974!
  8. work on something in my hobby box

How do you get that feeling of productiveness?


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