Day Thirty-Six

Today, we have gone to Cardiff. This is a fair distance from where we live – over 200 miles and took nigh on 3 hours to get there, but this was a special occasion!

For those who like Doctor Who, you will know that Cardiff is where a lot of the show is filmed and that is precisely why we went. T is a huge fan, has been since he was a baby (he’d always get so excited at the theme tune) and so we thought we would take him for his birthday.

Today we went to the film location of several episodes, and I have included the photos below. T wasn’t overly impressed until we went to eat at a lovely little place called Eddie’s Diner (you can view the website here) at Mermaid Quay, along the bay. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It was the site of several episodes (The Impossible Astronaut and Hell Bent) although you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the TARDIS hidden out the back. The diner is decorated with all sorts of memorabilia, including a huge Marilyn Monroe model, Statue of Liberty and of course the obligatory duke box. The staff were lovely and the food served efficiently and was delicious. All at a very reasonable price too.

Tomorrow, we are off to the Doctor Who Experience, but shhhh! Don’t tell T!



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