Day Thirty-Seven

Today, I am the proud mother of a gorgeous ten year old boy! I knew I loved him from the second I saw that pink line, probably even long before that, and my love for him continues to grow. I’m so proud of the kind, generous, funny, sweet and sensitive young man he is becoming. Whilst these past 10 years have gone in the mere blink of an eye and I miss dreadfully the days when I could cradle him in my arms, I am also looking forward to the adventures we have yet to have.

One of those adventures included taking him to the Doctor Who Experience. He was hoping to go, but we had a little bluff and told him that we weren’t able to book. His face when he opened the tickets was a picture!

The place was superb. They were great with accommodating our special needs with J although it actually turned out to be M who struggled to cope with the loud noises and lights. We really enjoyed our time there and the experience was completely worth the money.



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