Day Thirty-Nine

I have got myself a new phone. It isn’t the best deal out there, but I do prefer to stay with my Network as it avoids a lot of aggro. I have got an iPhone 6 and I am pretty pleased with it. The hubby will be jealous though as he does not like having inferior technology to me (He has an iPhone 5s) or at least not of equal quality. If I get something, he has to have it too. The Fitbit being a fine example.

After the phone arrived, we went to Lakeside to have a walk. I didn’t make it all the way round now as my shoes were beginning to rub and it is all the more important that I take care of my feet. We also went and did a little shopping: I got some lovely felt tip pens from The Works. I had originally picked up a set of 18 from the adult colouring section (as in colouring books for adults – not porno books!) priced at £2 but, upon entering the children’s art section, found the exact same pens, in a different packaging, but as a set of 36 (with different colours as opposed to repeated colours) for £3. Only a £1 more, for far better colours. It just goes to show you the powers of marketing.

Hubby went out for a meal with mum and his brother. His brother is severely autistic and so we don’t go too. He then ended up going Pokémon hunting and it was quite nice to have the peace and quiet.


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