Day Forty

Went into school today to set up my classroom. J went to spent the day with her nan and hubby came in to help. He put up the backing display paper, but wasn’t impressed that I had to tell him he wasn’t doing it correctly. This makes me sound like a complete bitch, but schools have display policies and some can be very prescriptive, down to the direction of the paper. Equally, I am a little OCD and things have to look smart and symmetrical. I always say these things delicately but he always takes it wrong.

He also helped me move the books from the shelf into the new library area. This again turned into a farce as instead of putting the books in a continuous block, he was putting one letter per shelf, going down one column so (A, B, C and D), and was then going to go back to the top shelf with E. A really bizarre way of organising it and when show the more rational way, he again lost it.  Things have to be organised in a logical and sensible manner in school, but feel like I cannot say anything. I am not sure I will have him in to help in future.



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