Day Forty-Three

I have quite a sense of not being prepared although what I am not prepared for, I do not know.

The house is tidy although not as spotless and I would like. The garden is still a mess and hubby’s table still an eye sore. There is so much stuff underneath it, it is difficult to put the chairs under. There is dusting that needs doing, but I certainly don’t feel claustrophobic with the state of the house as I have done in the past. I do not have the confidence that hubby will keep up with the house work but I will have to develop the confidence to tackle the issue with him as it just makes me too angry.

I have also got myself prepared for school. I do have some things left to do, such as the weekly lesson plan for literacy and an overview of reading and GPS. I just don’t feel prepared enough.

I think this year is going to be extra stressful at school – we are having more observations and mini drops in throughout the year and I have a feeling that they will be ruthless. I do fear for my job because, although I am confident I am not the worst teacher in the school by quite a way, I am also not the best and I tend to completely flake during lesson observations.

Have just watched ITV’s drama about Queen Victoria – I do find programmes like this incredibly interesting.


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