Day Forty-Four

Today has been a lovely day weather wise and so we took advantage  and went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This is a large park dedicated to the rescue of animals who have been kept in poor conditions in various places over the world. It developed from a small farm called Brockholes, which gradually began to show animals other than the standard farm animals, such as Meerkats.

The park is well laid out although is still looking like it is being developed, with enclosures being improves and added to. I have to say, I am not a huge fan of these types of places, the best place for an animal in their natural environment, however these have not been bred in captivity (except from those who have been rescued from that type of environment) and so are better off than where they have come from, but I couldn’t help but think that, with the exception of a few exhibits, they all looked the same in terms of land – the polar bears for example. Whilst the land is supposed to present the summer habitats of the polar bears, I can’t help but feel disappointment that they won’t feel the ice below their paws anymore as even our winters don’t produce that much snow!

The children needed a fair bit of motivation to get going. The exhibits were a walk apart, which is a good thing and shows the size of the ground the animals have, but walking is too much effort for them at times (not me, I nailed the walking part of my fitbit today – 13,342 steps, 5.65 miles and 75 active minutes).  They perked up after a quick go on the adventure park and perked up even more for the indoor play area which is superb. They all had a great time, but I was particularly proud of J. She has hypertonia of her lower limbs, is unsteady of her feet and has a wide gait. She walls over frequently, struggles to walk long distances and walks like a toddler. One part of the play area had a net bridge that was going up at a slight angle, but had a soft floor to it. his made it incredibly difficult for her to walk up and she attempted it 4 or 5 times (with 3 or 4 goes at each attempt) before she finally made it. She kept trying, going away and then coming back. I was so proud of her determinations (she refused to be aided even though her sibs had tried) and was so pleased with herself. With the difficulties she faces, I am so glad she has the strength of determination.

We finished the day off with a trip to pizza hut. This would not have been my first choice as there really aren’t any ‘free’ options on Slimming World. Nevertheless, I stuck to plan for the rest of the day (no chips, no ice cream, no sweets) so I could eat feeling like I had tried my best. Let’s see what Thursday brings.

Determined J

My determined J.


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