Day Forty-Five

I am desperately trying to cling onto the final days of the summer holidays. I have to go back to work on Thursday and I am absolutely dreading it.

I don’t fear hard work. I don’t mind pulling my weight – I certainly don’t want to be a benefit scrounger and do nothing all day. Teaching would be alright if people look at it correctly, but it is becoming a business. Ironically – that is how I argued my place at university. The career advisor, when taking my A Levels, told me that I would struggle to get on a teaching course with the subjects I was taking (Geography, Sociology, Psychology and Business Studies) and I argued on my application form that schools would be run like businesses. Such forethought to predict academies 20 years prior to the Tories relentless campaign to make education profitable.

I am an expensive teacher. I am at the top of my pay scale and have to show my worth. I am not an outstanding teacher. I really do badly with lesson observations but I am a grafter – I work bloody hard and I jump through all the hoops. I am not sure that that will be good enough.


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