Day Forty-Six. The final day.

The last day of my summer holidays, and my mission to be productive, is over.

Today I went to the Drs for the, what seems like, billionth time this holiday (the receptionist greets me my first name now!) the summer holidays is always a good time to get everything sorted because I don’t find the time when I am at school. 

This afternoon we went back to one of our favourite haunts of the summer holiday – Langold. We took a walk around the lake and went blackberry picking (enjoying the fruits of our labours in a crumble!) before giving the children some time in the splash park. It was wonderful to see themselves enjoying it so much, especially T who is always so grumpy at the thought of leaving the house. He was especially so tonight. 

M cried this evening, saying she will miss me when I go to work tomorrow. This was partly because she was tired but also how she feels and I feel bad I have to go. They have the next two days as training days / lucky things. I tried to reassure her that she’d be fine with daddy and he’ll keep her so busy she won’t miss me, but of course that won’t be true. He’ll play mine craft and probably shout at them if they argue or get too noisy. The only good thing is he has run out of mobile data do he won’t be catching Pokemon! 

So how do I feel my holidays have been. I am not too sure we’ve had many stay at home days. I definitely haven’t been in school ass much as I did last year and I feel I have accomplished some things, though maybe but finished anything. I am proud of keeping up with the blog (not sure how that’ll keep when I am back at school!) and don’t feel I wasted this summer like I did last summer. 

I do feel I have learnt something this summer – I need to come first every once in a while. I’ve ignored myself for too long and it has got me into trouble, so I must keep reaching for that bit of ‘me’ time.

Thanks for sticking with me, if you have, over the past 45 days. Normal service will how resume.


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