I don’t want to teach anymore.

I am so disheartened with my job. I feel I just wake up, go to work, survive and then come home. I don’t enjoy it, I dread it. It is not the job I wanted, not the job I trained for and not the job it was when I started. The pressure is immense. 

I had my performance management and that set me off today. I have met my targets for last year but each year it gets seemingly harder. I give and give and get nothing in return – no pay rise, no responsibility, no training. I feel I am being deskilled. 

We had new risk assessment training. The stuff we have to do to take the children on a visit makes it not worth taking them on a visit.

We had a safeguarding children document to read that I will be tested on.

It is too much. I want out.


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Yes, I know it is still September – but come on! I am the girl who has been known to have her tree still up in July (it would’ve been up all year, but the hubby – boyfriend at the time – was adamant he wasn’t letting me put it back up when I moved in with him!) and my ringtone is ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ by Shakin’ Stevens.

I am currently sitting watching Miracle on 34th Street. I just love the whole build up. We have booked our  Christmas meal out this year. I do love making Christmas dinner but I don’t love moving the furniture about to get the tree up, missing seeing the children play with their toys whilst I’m cooking, panicking about everything being properly cooked and then not enjoying it once it is cooked. Last year we tried Christmas dinner the night before and having a buffet on Christmas day but it wasn’t the same. This year – we’ll see how this goes!

I have always wanted to do a December Daily (check out Ali Edward’s site) and so this year, I am going to try. I have my books ready, but need to go a little prep. I really want a mini printer, as I think that may help. Wonder how much they are? I must have a look!

I want to make my own cards this year. I have done so in the past but haven’t had the time for a good while now. I just need to find my mojo.

I want to have a calendar of events – things we shall do in December. I finish for school quite early this year (16th) so I will have a good long while in the lead up to Christmas in order to be able to do stuff. We usually end up going to Beamish to see Santa on the 22nd or the 23rd.

Hubby is working on Christmas Eve, but he is working early, so the days events can begin in earnest from 3pm.

I want to get organised with my presents earlier this year – just need to cler some room to stash them all!



I have had my tooth fixed. I have also had my mouth guard made to try and prevent me from grinding my teeth at night. I’m really not convinced but I’ll let you know how I get on.


I have decided that I want to try to do my own acrylic nails. I have got all the necessary equipment for under £20 from Amazon (am currently addicted to buying stuff from there) and am not doing too bad!

Happy Birthday M!

Today is my middle daughter’s 7th birthday. She is a sweet, confident, sensitive, stubborn, head strong, beautiful lady. I would say little lady, but she’d tell me off as she’s not little. She is, in fact, desperate to be older and to be independent. She has her life planned out, from the house she is living in (Number 20 – by Tesco) to the fact that she is not having children because they will mess her house up! She has always been an independent little thing, right from when she wouldn’t let us help her – even down to holding hands!

Today, we went to The Deep in Hull and M has a thing for penguins. She really enjoyed it. The day was topped off with a Shopkins birthday cake!


Bullet Journaling

I have been reading a lot about this on Pinterest and it has really caught my eye. It is, unfortunately, another one of those things that I like getting the stuff for, but may never have the time to do. I am currently debating setting up a bullet journal ready for January!

Have you heard of bullet journaling? Do you do it?