First day back

Well, the first day back went better than I expected.

Going back to work usually involves me getting no sleep whatsoever until about an hour before the alarm is due to go off, but I managed to get to sleep really quickly and slept through with minimal disruption.

I have decided to try and walk to ‘the top’ as often as possible. I live just under a mile from the main road and in winter it is a pretty bleak journey. At the start of the summer, this wasn’t even something I wanted to consider doing however I am doing more exercise so am not as daunted by this. Previously, I have had hubby drive me to the top as it was a five minute thing and T is of an age where he can be left alone. However, J is now able to escape her cot and is awake more often than not at the time I need to leave. Whilst T can look after himself, it is not fair for him to have to deal with J too. There are some days though, where walking to the top is not possible (like on the days when I have 60 books to carry or when it is throwing it down).I shall bus those days. Today was a walk to the top day.

Working didn’t have as many bad messages as I thought it would have, however everyone was feeling anxious so at least it isn’t just me!


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