Grateful November 

So, one of the things I pinned to my bucket list board on Pinterest was a 30 days of gratitude pin. It give cues as to things you are grateful for.

I am a big believer in negativity breeding negativity. However, I am guilty of being negative myself. Thinking that things will go bad before they do and I only have to look back over facebook statuses for the past few years and the negativity seeps out of the page. This November o am going to post something postiyive everyday.  

Today’s: 1. a smell can be a very powerful thing. Certain smells can act as their very own time machine; engine oil and I’m in my grandfathers garage, petrol and I’m in my Great-Nan’s lean to. Cinnamon and gingerbread and all of a sudden I’m transported to Christmas.

What about you?


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