My Bucket list

Firstly, I want to preface this with the news that, whilst I am dying (we all are. Aren’t I cheerful?) it isn’t known about in advance. I haven’t suddenly got a terminal illness.  I also want to say that bucket lists have been used very crudely of late, I even seen Grade 5 bucket list – things you need to do by the end of grade 5. Understanding what a bucket list actually is, shouldn’t be one of them!

This is a term that has become favourable since the 2007 film featuring Morgan Freeman, called The Bucket List and whilst it is generally used as a term for people who feel their death is imminent either through the news that they have some sort of illness or that they are a turning point in their life where things are close to death than birth, it can also be used for people in general who have things they wish to achieve.

I actually started the list in 2015. I had a Pinterest board entitled Bucket list 2015, which, in January became Bucket list 2016. The board, like most of my boards, had become something that I pinned to but never read. I need to change that. This board is a collection of things that I have pinned with the aim of me surviving  2016 without getting to the stage that I describe in my previous blog entry (It has come to a head – aka why I have been AWOL.) Well, as that post describes, I haven’t managed it and I need to.

This board contains such delights as inspirational quotes to help me remember my worth and ways to practice self care. I am now off to add more things, with the aim to actually do them!


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