Every day in November?

So, I’ve missed a few. Actually, there is good reason for that! I am coo big with the stress. I am sticking to my schedule (no work after 8, no workmon Sundays and it seems to be working well.

This does not mean to say I am stressfree. I am currently worrying about my next round of bloods that need taking – I’m hoping my levels have improved. I know I’ve been naughty just recently and need to get back on it. I don’t know if I have come to accept the situation but I really shouldn’t. I think I am still in the ‘serves you right, you don’t deserve better, bracket.

I’ve also been immersed bunny story writing. I am up to 7 published chapters of The Hardest Lesson on Archive of our own and I have the whole story arch mapped out. I am excited to see the story come together.


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