A year in review

Taking the time to reflect upon 2016, it cannot be helped that my thoughts are drawn to those people for whom 2016 has been a horrible year. The world has been rocked by death and destruction, whether that has been the passing of your favourite rocker, the devastating images of war and terror, or a personal loss of a friend or loved one.


For those for whom 2016 has hurt, I truly hope that 2017 brings you peace and helps mend your hearts.


Reflecting on 2016 for me, my children continue to be a source of amazement to me. T is maturing rapidly, his patience and depth of love for his siblings, particularly with J, is admirable, J adores him. Maddie is as vivacious as she has always been. A strong, independent soul who also wears her heart on her sleeve. J is a loving and thoughtful girl who faces each day with the most beautiful smile and her outlook on life provides inspiration for me daily.


One thing that I have learnt this year is that plans cannot be relied on. John Lennon once said ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’ and nothing can be truer. With each plan that has changed, I must look upon it with gratitude and faith that there is a purpose.


In 2017 I am resolute in nothing but grasping that life with both hands; to watch it through eyes rather than a screen; to embrace it rather than allow it to become to work; to soak in every single second and smile as plans unravel and enjoy the new course each event takes me on. After all, everything that I may have considered a bad event as it happened to me in the past, has led me to this moment in time when I consider myself very blessed. Our time in this earth is fleeting and 2016 has taught us that lesson well.


As the clock strikes 12 tonight, no matter where you are, my thoughts are with you and yours and wish you all a very happy new year.

And in other news…

  1. The wreck this journaling is going well, I have completed a few pages and I am enjoying doing so.
  2. I feel a little better today, having felt poorly over the past few days (abdominal pain, light headedness, fever and chills, cough. I went to the doctors and it seems like I have a virus.
  3. I found out incidentally, that my blood levels have really gone down well. The ideal is 48 and mine are at 51, having come down from 80. This really spurs me on to keep going.
  4. I managed to get to sleep before 3am last night / this morning, though it was still g0ne midnight.
  5. There are only 3 days left before I have to go back to work.
  6. I haven’t started my bullet journal yet.

Dive in

I have very much a creative, craft feel about me. I have always enjoyed doing art and crafts, having an obsession with stationary and things like that ever since I was little. It used to be a standing joke that if I got lost, I would be found in the pen section of WH Smith.

I have since created a nice stash of craft stuff. I am not able to resist a nice pen. There have been times when I was signing credit card slips when purchasing items (remember when you had to do that?!) and I have gone out and bought the open the cashier has used because it has been so nice.

For Christmas, I have bought myself (using gift money) a series of watercolour and sketching sets.

One thing I am very guilty of doing is buying things ‘just in case’. Things that I will be able to do something with at some point because inspiration will hit me or because it will come in useful One of these things is stuff to create a bullet journal with. I have three moleskine books (plain, squared and dotted) ready to start, I have even bought two, smaller, plain moleskine books to set up 2017’s Christmas plan (I need to be far more organised next year because we break up for Christmas on December 22nd). I have had these books since September but I have not done anything with them – thinking that January might be a good time to start it. I have to get a wriggle on with it though!

Another thing I have put off, and for against all the reasons why it was set up – I struggle to start things in case they get ruined or spoilt, is my Wreck This Journal. Today is the day that I will start this. Wish me luck!

One year on…

A year has passed since I set u[ this blog. My original aim was to try and rite as frequently as possible, more frequently than I have in blogs in the past. I feel I have managed this although not quite the 364 that the blog title might suggest.

The blog was set up for myself, with not expectation that anyone would follow, comment or like the posts however, along the way, that has happened and it has always been exciting when it has – whether it be a follow in the anticipation that I will return the favour, or because they may be genuinely interested in the minute musings that I have.

Anyhow – many thanks for this year and lets hope I can continue into 2017.

The curse of 2016

Much has been written about the Humber of deaths in ‘celeb land’ this year. George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day was followed by Liz Smith on Boxing Day (Royale Family, Vicar of Dibley). Today’s death has been Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia.

Thankfully, touch wood. We have not been too badly affected personally by the curse of 2016. Neil lost his ‘aunt’ – a neighbour from his childhood that he thinks of with great fondness – but I know others have not been so blessed. I am fortunate for all that I have, my husband and my children. My parents and my sisters and nephews.

I hope that the year passes without further incident and that 2017 is not so cruel to others and remains generous to us.

Boxing Day Blog

Boxing day is a strange day for me. It is a day of trying to hold onto the Christmassy feeling, to properly explore the gifts we received yesterday and to eat up all the left overs!

The Boxing Day lunch is one that I relish, more so than Christmas day dinner. We have ham and left over turkey (as we went out for dinner on Christmas day, I ended up buying a chicken to roast. We have mash potatoes, pickled onions and a variety of other treats such as sausage rolls and pork pie. Every year I always feel like I have bought too much food and drink, but each year I never moderate the amount!

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day.

It originated in the United Kingdom, and is celebrated in a number of countries that are part of the Commonwealth  or who previously belonged to the  British Empire. The origins date back to when people who worked in trade used to receive a Christmas box, thanking them for their work. It was also linked to the day when servants were allowed the day after Christmas off (after serving their masters on the actual day) and would take home a box of money, presents and left over food for the family (so my left overs are traditional!) This practice being documented in Samuel Pepys diary of 1663.

Only 364 days to go until Christmas.

Merry Christmas

What a busy day!

I’ll start off by going through Christmas Eve. At around 6pm I took the children for  a walk around the local area to see the Christmas lights. I say it like that because that is the way that M described it (“We use that sentence in school, mummy”).this was after watching Arthur Christmas and enjoying some lovely nibbles. The cat followed us the whole way round, perhaps thinking he was a dog. I mentioned this to the children but J was quick to correct me. “He’s a cat mummy. C C Cat.”

After we got hone we had some sparklers and sprinkled reindeer food in the garden, in which the children found the Pyjamas that Father Christmas left them. A quick bath, some milk and mince pies left our and the children were in bed and miraculously, all were asleep by 10:30pm.

We waited a while before we started to get the stuff out, but excitement ensued when we walked into the garden to get things from the garage to find a dog in the garden! At first, I thought hubby had got me my dream gift, but no. It turns out if had been clipped by a car earlier in the day and had run away. The dog ended up leaving the garden (It wouldn’t come to us) but it wasn’t injured as it must’ve jumped the fence to get in) but was reunited with it’s owner in the early hours of the morning (found all of this out on Facebook).

With the presents under the tree, the stockings delivered and the mince pies eaten, it was time to go to bed. I did my usual trick of not sleeping much; trying to ensure the children don’t sneak down, making sure no one breaks in… The children eventually had us up at 6.00am and all children, including J, was great at opening their presents. We asked them to wait until 7am before we went downstairs and they open their Father Christmas presents – J had a Easel, T had a game console with an in built game that he wanted and M got her full box set of Shopkins.

One of the most exciting points was the fact that we went out for dinner. As we don’t have a separate dining room, it is a hassle getting the toys shifted so we can get the table out and I spend my time in the kitchen rather than enjoying playing with the children. For this, we went to a local restaurant (Check it out here). The table was set beautifully, with party favours and gifts of chocolate on the table. The meal was delicious (bruschetta, carvery and then Bailey’s cheesecake) and everyone had a magnificent time.

The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys (hubby included!) and watching good TV before rolling into bed to the news that George Michael had died at the age of 53. Life is precious and short. I am thankful for the ability to build memories with my family.




I do find it difficult to control my emotions at the time of year. I used to be able to hold it together until I had children. Even the thought of things can make me become overwhelmed. Obvious things like the children seeing Father Christmas, but then things like  seeing ‘Santa is on the runway’  on the NORAD track Santa site.

Emotions are good, it shows I am alive!