So, how have you been?

Long time, no see my friend! How have you been?

Busy! There has been so much going on that I am not sure where to begin.

School: life in school continues to be manic. I ended up applying for another job. I have been fed up with my work for some time now. I have been looking for other jobs, but nothing took my fancy until I saw a job at an Autism special unit. Being the mother of an autistic child, I felt compelled to apply. I applied and I got an interview. That was affirming for a start – to know that I still have the ability to look good on paper. The week leading up to the interview, I was unsure of whether I would get the job and nervous about the prospective changes, but changes had already happened at my current place of work…

About 2 weeks prior, the head teacher of my school announced that he had another job. My partner teacher and good friend was taken out of class and made head teacher. We ended up having another teacher shipped in from another school and it announced that one of the teachers in the year 5 class would be filling the hole that existed in my year group (not until I spent time discussing the class and planning etc with the shipped in teacher, who was originally ear marked for that role).

Anyhow, the head asked me if I would lead GaP (Grammar and Punctuation) across school and after some negotiations, I am now Upper Key Stage 2 leader with some rewards in place for doing the job. I turned down the interview and I am still unsure of whether I made the right decision or not. I guess time will tell.

Home: The hubby and I have had a major falling out. I found out that he had kept the fact he’d had a disciplinary at work a secret, but not only that – had been confiding in another woman about it. This other woman I have had doubts over for a while. I am not adverse to my husband having female friends – I have male friends. Lets ju8st say though, I have reason to not trust him. This woman in particular, I don’t like. She has had an acrimonious split with her husband and has latched onto mine. Hubby has done some stupid things regarding her ex and has far too many conversations with her over text that I know he deletes. He lies about meeting up with her. All whilst telling me that it is innocent and a secret to protect my feelings. He says he is depressed, says he hasn’t been able to talk to me about it because of how stressed I have been over work. Do you know what. Writing it down and it looks so bad. I don’t know. This is a watch and wait. I started the year thinking about divorce. At the rate, I am going to be thinking about ending it that way too.

So. What’s been going on with you?


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