Christmas traditions

What traditions do you have? We have some that are from long ago – traditions that have come from my parents and ones that we, hubby and I, have started for our own family.

It caused me to think of this as I sat down with a copy of the TV times and circled the things that I wanted to watch. As a child, this went hand in hand with looking through the Argos catalogue to identify what to put on the list for Father Christmas. This is a fond memory from childhood.

Father Christmas: We leave a mince pie and an alcoholic drink for the big man. We did this as children and mine do this now. We have usually made the mince pies on Christmas eve. The children invariable don’t choose alcoholic drinks for him – but that’s OK. We also leave out a carrot for Rudolf and we sprinkle reindeer food and this is a new tradition for us. Father Christmas leaves new PJ’s for the children to wear and we all snuggle down and watch a movie before bed. When Father Christmas has been, as a child, he used to put balloons up. For my children, he leaves candy canes. Father Christmas brings the stocking presents and one present from the list. All in co-ordinated wrapping paper.

What about your traditions?


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