Planning the perfect Christmas

So, I had decided that advanced planning way the way to ensure that I had a perfect Christmas. Hubby is a big part of this, so I figured that writing it down might give him a fighting chance at understanding what a perfect Christmas looks like to me.

For a start, I am obviously aware of the fact that perfection is something that is hard to achieve. Perfect Christmases are am amalgamation of movie Christmases, Pinterest Christmases and Facebook Christmases – all of which have been scripted and staged in one way or another.

Nevertheless, I decided that scripting my own Christmas couldn’t be a bad thing, so long as I was relaxed about it. The process has many facets:

  1. House ready: I am pleased to report that this was achieved. This was the main directive to be honest, because I wanted to ensure that, when I finished school, I wouldn’t have much to do to organise the house, to make it feel organised and clean. The main purpose of this part of the plan was to get hubby on board with the prep!
  2. Presents: all bought and wrapped. I think we have pretty much hit every wish on the list.
  3. Christmas Eve: in progress!
  4. Craft ideas: we have achieved pretty much everything on the list. We do have some things still to do.
  5. Cake: happening this afternoon! It should hopefully look like this…



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