Merry Christmas

What a busy day!

I’ll start off by going through Christmas Eve. At around 6pm I took the children for  a walk around the local area to see the Christmas lights. I say it like that because that is the way that M described it (“We use that sentence in school, mummy”).this was after watching Arthur Christmas and enjoying some lovely nibbles. The cat followed us the whole way round, perhaps thinking he was a dog. I mentioned this to the children but J was quick to correct me. “He’s a cat mummy. C C Cat.”

After we got hone we had some sparklers and sprinkled reindeer food in the garden, in which the children found the Pyjamas that Father Christmas left them. A quick bath, some milk and mince pies left our and the children were in bed and miraculously, all were asleep by 10:30pm.

We waited a while before we started to get the stuff out, but excitement ensued when we walked into the garden to get things from the garage to find a dog in the garden! At first, I thought hubby had got me my dream gift, but no. It turns out if had been clipped by a car earlier in the day and had run away. The dog ended up leaving the garden (It wouldn’t come to us) but it wasn’t injured as it must’ve jumped the fence to get in) but was reunited with it’s owner in the early hours of the morning (found all of this out on Facebook).

With the presents under the tree, the stockings delivered and the mince pies eaten, it was time to go to bed. I did my usual trick of not sleeping much; trying to ensure the children don’t sneak down, making sure no one breaks in… The children eventually had us up at 6.00am and all children, including J, was great at opening their presents. We asked them to wait until 7am before we went downstairs and they open their Father Christmas presents – J had a Easel, T had a game console with an in built game that he wanted and M got her full box set of Shopkins.

One of the most exciting points was the fact that we went out for dinner. As we don’t have a separate dining room, it is a hassle getting the toys shifted so we can get the table out and I spend my time in the kitchen rather than enjoying playing with the children. For this, we went to a local restaurant (Check it out here). The table was set beautifully, with party favours and gifts of chocolate on the table. The meal was delicious (bruschetta, carvery and then Bailey’s cheesecake) and everyone had a magnificent time.

The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys (hubby included!) and watching good TV before rolling into bed to the news that George Michael had died at the age of 53. Life is precious and short. I am thankful for the ability to build memories with my family.




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