Boxing Day Blog

Boxing day is a strange day for me. It is a day of trying to hold onto the Christmassy feeling, to properly explore the gifts we received yesterday and to eat up all the left overs!

The Boxing Day lunch is one that I relish, more so than Christmas day dinner. We have ham and left over turkey (as we went out for dinner on Christmas day, I ended up buying a chicken to roast. We have mash potatoes, pickled onions and a variety of other treats such as sausage rolls and pork pie. Every year I always feel like I have bought too much food and drink, but each year I never moderate the amount!

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day.

It originated in the United Kingdom, and is celebrated in a number of countries that are part of the Commonwealth  or who previously belonged to the  British Empire. The origins date back to when people who worked in trade used to receive a Christmas box, thanking them for their work. It was also linked to the day when servants were allowed the day after Christmas off (after serving their masters on the actual day) and would take home a box of money, presents and left over food for the family (so my left overs are traditional!) This practice being documented in Samuel Pepys diary of 1663.

Only 364 days to go until Christmas.


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