Dive in

I have very much a creative, craft feel about me. I have always enjoyed doing art and crafts, having an obsession with stationary and things like that ever since I was little. It used to be a standing joke that if I got lost, I would be found in the pen section of WH Smith.

I have since created a nice stash of craft stuff. I am not able to resist a nice pen. There have been times when I was signing credit card slips when purchasing items (remember when you had to do that?!) and I have gone out and bought the open the cashier has used because it has been so nice.

For Christmas, I have bought myself (using gift money) a series of watercolour and sketching sets.

One thing I am very guilty of doing is buying things ‘just in case’. Things that I will be able to do something with at some point because inspiration will hit me or because it will come in useful One of these things is stuff to create a bullet journal with. I have three moleskine books (plain, squared and dotted) ready to start, I have even bought two, smaller, plain moleskine books to set up 2017’s Christmas plan (I need to be far more organised next year because we break up for Christmas on December 22nd). I have had these books since September but I have not done anything with them – thinking that January might be a good time to start it. I have to get a wriggle on with it though!

Another thing I have put off, and for against all the reasons why it was set up – I struggle to start things in case they get ruined or spoilt, is my Wreck This Journal. Today is the day that I will start this. Wish me luck!


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