A year in review

Taking the time to reflect upon 2016, it cannot be helped that my thoughts are drawn to those people for whom 2016 has been a horrible year. The world has been rocked by death and destruction, whether that has been the passing of your favourite rocker, the devastating images of war and terror, or a personal loss of a friend or loved one.


For those for whom 2016 has hurt, I truly hope that 2017 brings you peace and helps mend your hearts.


Reflecting on 2016 for me, my children continue to be a source of amazement to me. T is maturing rapidly, his patience and depth of love for his siblings, particularly with J, is admirable, J adores him. Maddie is as vivacious as she has always been. A strong, independent soul who also wears her heart on her sleeve. J is a loving and thoughtful girl who faces each day with the most beautiful smile and her outlook on life provides inspiration for me daily.


One thing that I have learnt this year is that plans cannot be relied on. John Lennon once said ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’ and nothing can be truer. With each plan that has changed, I must look upon it with gratitude and faith that there is a purpose.


In 2017 I am resolute in nothing but grasping that life with both hands; to watch it through eyes rather than a screen; to embrace it rather than allow it to become to work; to soak in every single second and smile as plans unravel and enjoy the new course each event takes me on. After all, everything that I may have considered a bad event as it happened to me in the past, has led me to this moment in time when I consider myself very blessed. Our time in this earth is fleeting and 2016 has taught us that lesson well.


As the clock strikes 12 tonight, no matter where you are, my thoughts are with you and yours and wish you all a very happy new year.

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