364 or there abouts

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my second year of writing. I started the blog last year in the hope that I would write more frequently than I had done previously, to keep a little record of my life and to use the blog as a way of letting off steam. I picked the title based on the fact that I was acknowledging from the beginning that I would not be writing a post a day. I must admit, I had planned to do more than the 150 that I envisaged but I was pleased that I had done more than the 10 that had happened before!

My grandfather was a seasoned diary writer. I have around 40-50 notebooks filled with notes from his life from 1973 to a week before he died in 2000. Each provide a fascinating insight into his world. Maybe this diary will be something similar, although some of the things I have written about last year, I am not too sure what my family would think! They are not aware that I write the blog.

So welcome if you are new to this blog, hello again if you are an old friend to the blog and sit back and relax. There still won’t be a post for every day, but there will hopefully be more than 150!


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