A new year … what do I want to achieve?

I do not think that resolutions are the most healthy of things to have. I don’t know about you, but I always manage to break them relatively quickly into the new year. Via Pinterest, I found this website which aims to help you have a peaceful mind. This sounds good to me!

1. Find your theme

2017 will be the year of peacefulness

2. Select your areas of focus

I want to be able to more readily accept the things that happen, rather than dwelling on them or thinking ‘what if…’, or ‘if only…’ I want to be able to let things go, to be calmer, less stressed and tense and generally more at peace.

3. Choose 12 goals and habits

  • eat more healthily
  • take more exercise
  • blog more often
  • spend less time working
  • spend more time with the children
  • be more organised at work
  • manage my money better
  •  stay on top of the house work
  •  have a more positive relationship with the hubby
  •  stay in touch with friends and family better
  •  be less lazy
  •  adopt a positive sleep / wake routine


4. Create a bucket list

I am going to need to spend more time thinking about this!

5. Monthly check-in

I’ll keep you all updated!


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