I am a worrier by nature. I think I always have been. I remember obsessing over things when I was younger – such as a pair of scissors that had made their way into my pencil case and I was convinced I was going to get arrested for shop lifting. I discovered them over the holidays and so it was a while before I could return them to school and I just fretted over it.

I don’t I’ll do this now so it was no surprise that my pregnancies turned out to be one of the most stressful periods of my life. I was so anxious about something going wrong. It was bad enough with T following the threatened miscarriage but it was even worse with M. 

Nowadays I have the diabetes to stress over. Am I going blind? And I going to lose my feet? I constantly check my feet to make sure the circulation is good / not thy there is anything that can be done if it isn’t. I hate this aspect about it. I should’ve done more to take care of myself.


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