As if I’ve not got enough to worry about

3 years ago, we experienced a bit of a house emergency. We had bought the property that we were renting and one of the things that we improved was the boiler. The pre-existing one was old and the new combi boiler provided us with a more reliable and efficient service. The only problem here is that it caused the water pressure to increase and forces a leak in the pipes. This is where the problem began!

We noticed water emerging from  points in the flooring and when we had someone out, we learnt that our copper pipes had been placed on concrete pipes with no insulation. The leak had been happening for some time and had caused lots of damage. This resulted in us needing a brand new kitchen, new flooring throughout the whole of downstairs, new plaster work on the floor and us being unable to live in the property whilst all this was going on. We spent 12 weeks in a hotel and it was all a bit of a mare. The whole claim come to somewhere in the region of £26,000.

Anyhow – jump to now and it would appear that we may have another leak. The is a small pocket in the flooring in  the kitchen where there appears to be a little bit of a bubbling happening. Luckily, we have spare flooring in the garage so we can take the flooring up and check out what is going on. Neil seems very relaxed about it all but I cannot help but panic. I cannot face the possibility of another happening like last time.  I have asked Neil to get the flooring out tomorrow and to book a repair guy.


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