Worry v reality

I have posted previously about the fact that I tend to worry a lot about things. Most recently I have been worried about things in the house – the water damage to the laminate in the iutchrn, the cost of the repair to the car lights, work.

My grandfather always used to say that it was it worth worrying because the things that you worry about rarely come true. I have found this to be usually the case but I cannot help but worry still.

Thankfully, the water in the kitchen seems to be coming from the washing machine and the car repairs have come to £60. Not as bad as I was imagining.

School is still school however and I am on a losing battle with that one. Results from the tests aren’t good and I am struggling to juggle the responsibilities of my class as well as managing the other classes. I am going to have to ask for additional time – not that there is any to have.


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