Highly contagious

I have come to the conclusion that I am one highly contagious person. I mean, that can be the only explanation for the fact that whenever I get sick, my husband immediately gets sick – except his is worse. I get a headache – he gets a migraine.

I was off work at the end of this week because I have, probably since right after Christmas really, not felt right. I  had a funny headache that has been around since the weekend, which is bearable provided that I don’t move my head. Of course, this is not always possible. The way I could function was to sit upright and not move my head at all! This is on top of the random brain freeze type headaches that I have been getting. This, I am presuming is blood pressure related so a trip to the doctor is in the not to distant future. 

Coupled with the headache I also had ear ache and a stiff neck, which brought about spells of dizziness. Again, manageable by keeping my head perfectly still. The bit that is hard to work around is the fact that I had a bad stomach ache, which  caused me to vomit periodically. That’s not over share, is it?

I always feel incredibly guilty for having time off work, however there is no way I would be able to function in a classroom.

But please, hold my dear husband in your thoughts for, no matter how poorly I am, he is far worse. As I lay unwell, he eased his migraine by doing a little Pokemon hunting in a nearby park. Yeah. My thoughts exactly.


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