Day 30

Your favourite song.

I don’t have one! I cannot narrow it down to just one. Is that unusual? What about you – what is your favourite song?


Day 29

What have I learnt this past month?

I can be incredibly short and sweet with my words. I don’t like my picture on the internet.

Day 27

Why are you doing the blogging challenge?

To encourage me to write! Sometimes I feel like I blog about the same thing over and over, so hopefully this has given a little variety!

Powerful weather

We have just had a thunderstorm. I say, thunderstorm, because we have had a few flashes of lightning and a few rumbles of thunder. It made me think back to when I was younger. The weather seemed so much more extreme then.

It was brilliantly hot in the summer – we’d play out for hours. We’d stand barefooted on manhole covers and see how long we could last… summers were endless. It barely rained, but when it did, it RAINED! The storms we had would last for hours and would be the most spectacular show. Snow would lay heavy and deep!

Day 26

What do you think about your friends?

I have a lot of ‘friends’ but no one that I would consider a proper good friend. Not a best friend that I could hang with, confide in, trust.

I find this quite a shame.

Day 25

What I would find in my bag?

It all depends on what bag you are talking about. If it is my school bag, there will be various pens and highlighters and my laptop as well as countless items of rubbish that I should probably throw away.

In my handbag, I have:  my purse, phone, keys, a pen, vouchers, nappy and my rail card.

Not every interesting I’m afraid!


Are in my school tomorrow – or should I say, today seeing as it is 12.40am and I have only just gone to bed.

I hate the crazy panic that this puts in me. 

Day 24

3 books on my shelf. I don’t actually have a bookshelf! I don’t have time to read either, to be honest. I have Dick Van Dyke’s autobiography that I am still trying to plough through, which I got for Christmas. We are reading Harry Potter at school. But that is about it!

Easter Holidays – Day 14

The inevitable has happened and here we are at the end of the easter holiday. The updated list…

  1. Start another fan fiction (am so dry on ideas though!)
  2. Write  letter to my Aunt and send updated pictures of the children
  3. Visit the deep at Hull
  4. Take the children to see Boss Baby at the cinema
  5. Go swimming
  6. Start prepping for Christmas (I know, I know – but I have to be prepared for a late break up in December!)
  7. Blog frequently
  8. Go to the park
  9. Sort the garden
  10. Read a book


a. paper cutting

b. pointless book / wreck this journal

c. bullet journalling

d. baking

So, all in all, not too bad!

I do feel refreshed, but still feel anxious about returning to work tomorrow. Only 5 more weeks til the next break!