Day one

So. Today’s task was to add a recent picture of me. That isn’t going to happen I’m afraid as I don’t like pictures of myself at the best of times but if I wish to stay incognito, pictures can’t happen.

15 Interesting facts about me. Mmm. Can’t promise they will be interesting!

1) I’m right handed.

2) I wanted to be a bus driver when I was younger.

3) I have had stitches 4 times.

4) My favourite time of year is Christmas.

5) I found my first grey hair at 21.

6) I dream in colour.

7) I can’t drive.

8) I hate fish.

9) I am that uninteresting that this has taken me a full 15 minutes to get to this point.

10) My favourite muppet is Fozzi Bear.

11) I can drink a pint of beer in under 10 seconds.

12) I believe there is an afterlife.

13) I write fan fiction.

14) I have no celebrity friends.

15) I have an unbilical hernia
See. Very uninteresting!


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