Day 10

Songs you listen to when you are feeling happy, sad, bored,  mad, hyped, mad.

Despite knowing that songs are a powerful tool to transport you to another point in time or space, I am not sure that I do have a particular song that I go to, so I am going to write about this from a similar but slightly different point of view.

Come What May: this was the song my hubby and I had planned (long before the wedding) to be our first dance. Hubby played it in the car CD player after fetching me home from hospital when I had my threatened miscarriage. It became the song he played on every journey home from the hospital with each of our children.

Everybody Hurts: the song I listened to a lot when I lost my baby.

Merry Christmas, Everyone: always makes me feel good and puts me in the Christmas mood, even if it is mid July.

Keep on Movin’:I don’t often listen to this song, but it does lift me up.

Wonderboy: I listened to this quite a lot after my threatened miscarriage. I don’t think I even knew T was a boy at this point.

You are my sunshine: I sang this over and over the weekend I thought I had lost T. I have sung this to all 3 of them ever since. T used to use this song to self soothe. This isn’t my favourite version of it, I couldn’t find that.





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