Easter Hols Day 1

Today has started really well. We have sorted the garden so that it is good for the children to play in. That meant pressure washing the Wendy house and play mats, the cosy tykes coupe and the slide. The grass was cut and the edges trimmed. The plans received a trim and it now looks much tidier. I was even brave enough to sweep the leaves and scoop them into the garden bin despite the fact that it was the perfect home for spiders.

The bikes were retrieved form the inner depths of the dump known as the garage and the children all enjoyed playing out, especially J, who felt particularly grown up for playing out the front.

The house remains tidy and I feel productive. I have blogged (am blogging!) and have started reading my book (I’ve gone for the final instalment of Harry Potter. I must admit it is a bit slow going at the moment).

Tomorrow is planned out. We are getting up early and going for breakfast before doing the weekly shop. We plan on returning home for lunch before taking J to the mother-in-laws as we plan on taking the eldest two to the cinema to see Boss Baby. (J wouldn’t be able to cope with the noise).


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