Easter holidays Day 2

Yay! Another great day!

I had a late night / early morning this morning, not being able to drop of until gone midnight – I wanted to check to see that I was paid in order to complete the events that we had planned today and, I was!

I was woken up early by the girls. J in particular is an early riser and has taken to getting up and coming into see me in the morning. After a great start to the morning, we went and had breakfast. Brewers Fayre do a great breakfast deal. 2 free children meals with every paying adult. With 3 children, this is a bargain and so for £17.98, all 5 of us can have an unlimited full English breakfast, continental breakfast, unlimited juice and unlimited tea and coffee. This works out far cheaper than going to say, Tesco for example, which would be well over this price and not unlimited too. Not that we go greedy or anything, but I do like to be able to have a full English, then a pastry and a bit of fruit or  yogurt.

After breakfast, we did a bit of a shop at Asda (I say a bit of a shop because we left £100 lighter and that didn’t include the Easter bunny’s presents!

Later this afternoon, we took T and M to the cinema to see the film Boss Baby which was an OK film with some genuine laugh out loud moments. Despite hubby having to tell the gaggle of teenagers determined to talk throughout the film to be quiet, we had a great time. J didn’t go because it would have been sensory overload for her. Our cinema does offer Autism friendly screenings though, which we may consider at some point.

This evening, we are having fajitas for tea (I’m cooking!) and will be indulging in our new favourite past time – watching pearls being opened at Pearls with Breckon. After having received some jewellery from this lovely lady, I can vouch for how good it is! (No I am not on commission!)

That is, of course, before 9 o’clock and Peter Kayes ‘Car Share’ returns!


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