Easter holiday Day 3

Wow! I doesn’t feel like I have been off for three days, it feels much longer. This is a great thing although I did wake up in a bit of a panic that this meant I was soon returning to school.

I went to sleep quite late last night, mainly because of watching Peter Kay, and this meant that I had a late get up (10.30am!) albeit a great wake up because hubby greeted me with a sausage sandwich (not a euphemism) and a cup of coffee.

It is now just past midday and far from feeling like I have wasted the day in bed, I feel refreshed, happy and have been organised. The dishes have been cleaned, the laundry sorted and started and the floors swept. I have got Maddie to clean up as she is going along with her toys and I am now currently perched on the front door step, watching the children play out the front on their bikes and scooters.

This afternoon, we are going to go to the nearby shopping outlet to have a mooch and hubby is out later at a meal with his brother.

All is good!



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