Easter holiday – Day 10

So, today we were going to go to The Deep in Hull. M is penguin obsessed and enjoys going here. Luckily, the place offers a ‘buy once, return as many times as you like’ ticket, which mean since we went in September, it would be free to attend. However, we have had a few busy days so we decided that stopping at home wouldn’t be too bad either.

In terms of money, I am rapidly running out! It is amazing how quickly we can eat through the money, although luckily we do have enough food to last us a fair while and enough petrol to last us until hubby gets paid. It is that fine balance of making sure that we have enough money to last until I get paid again. It shouldn’t be too bad because hubs gets paid in 8 days and then 11 days after that I get paid family allowance. Unfortunately, hubby isn’t always that good with realising that getting things for the family comes first, so he will buy stuff without thinking!

Whilst we did stay at home, that does not mean to say that we didn’t do anything useful! M decided to play out in the garden and use play-doh. I absolutely hate the stuff. Aside from the mess that it makes, I hate it when the colours get mixed together! T wanted to have a go at monopoly. Unfortunately, I am fab at playing monopoly and always win. I do enjoy playing the game, however it does tend to go on for far too long. Luckily, T got stroppy when I won, so it probably safe to say that I wont ever have to play this game with his for a while! One board game we did play was PayDay which is much friendlier for children to play. Hubby and I actually like playing games, although we haven’t for a while. We seem to have forgotten the basic things that we would do for fun, like doing a jigsaw which is another things we have started.

Can’t believe the holidays are almost over.


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